World Mental Day 21 – Open Up

Good morning TONers

Today is specially marked as #WorldMentalHealthDay2021 to shine more light on mental well-being and to normalize the feelings thereto.

Here in our community, I’d like to share the tools we are harnessing to assist community members. We have harnessed the power of Facebook Communities to build this safe space where you can share your real-life personal experiences. Sharing is the very first stage of mental wellness because if you don’t open up, no one will know what you’re going through.

Over the years, we have noticed some TONers hide their pain in the funny narrative they share with us here and we have tried to go the length where possible, to assist them in opening up. Again, we are pioneering a new peer-to-peer communication mechanism that will be easier for you to access.

More updates about this in the coming days. If you’d like to explore more resources, kindly open your regular Facebook app, navigate to the right drop-down section and click on Emotional Health to get more expert resources.

You can also access our subgroup, Developing Emotional Intelligence. Open the group and you’ll see the tab. Speak up! We care!



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