We Are Building And Growing Together

“We are small scale business owners, my husband and I. He is a loving and jealous man, so I try my best to meet him half way so we won’t have any issues at home because of that. Sometimes I will have a delivery to make and while in that neighbourhood, he would call and ask me what I was doing there, that someone just called to tell him I was at that place. I would tell him I went to deliver goods to a customer. Soon enough, I discovered he had some of his friends who often monitored my movement whenever I left my shop and I was not comfortable with that. If we are to do this, we need to trust each other and I know as a young couple, we are still working on that. We sat down and had a conversation about it. It was not easy as we shouted and each tried to have their opinion stand in alone. But at long last, we were able to settle the matter and find a common ground to move ahead with. Slowly, we are beginning to realize marriage works when we can talk to each other and not about each other to other people. It was a wonderful lesson and so far, it has helped us in growing stronger together and strengthening our bonds. Given our low income, he often drops money for housekeeping three times in a week and that does not help me much in making plans for the house. So we agreed to join our funds and buy food in bulk and store at home. Then he can be dropping money every Friday to help me in planning for the next week. The new arrangement worked perfectly well for us. When we got married, we went for family planning and agreed that we were only going to give birth to two children. We knew the opportunities we lacked ourselves given our poor background and the number of children in the family, making it almost impossible for us to advance in our education. So we agreed to give birth to two children, so we can be able to give them the very best training. We have a son now and soon enough, I hope to give birth to our last child. We are still growing and learning how best to be husband and wife, but we know none of us is always right all the time, so we try to reach a common ground for our sake, family and our lovely son.”#TalesOfNigerians

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