Tough Love

“We dated for eleven (11) years before we finally got married. At the time of our marriage, it was like we knew we couldn’t go our separate ways at that point having invested 11 years of our life into each other. It was more like convenience. We knew we were cheating on each other with different people. I was faithful at first, but when I thought he was not going to tie the knot, I had to consider other options. Age was adding up and one never knows what will happen. When we finally agreed to marry, we agreed to stop cheating on each other. But we never did. Marriage was just the perfect cover we needed. I stayed in Akure in those early days and he often visited, so we had the distance to do whatever we wanted. We were married but lived our lives like single people. Then I took in and gave birth to my first child. While I was going into labour, I insisted they called my husband to be there. The nurses shouted on me to focus on pushing out the baby but I wouldn’t listen to them till my husband was contacted and he agreed to come. He is a strong man. He went in with me and stood at the door of the theatre. I believed he saw everything from his position. The baby was cleaned up, he was allowed to come in and carry our baby. I saw the look in his eyes and the tears that dropped. A lot of unspoken emotions were passing through his mind. For the first time in more than 15 years, he looked into my eyes and told me, ‘I love you and I want us to make this marriage work.’ I thought he was speaking to someone else but he repeated it again and I started crying. The nurses couldn’t understand what was happening between my husband and I. Immediately we got home, we agreed to end all our extramarital affairs and abuses on each other. That child brought light into our lives. It was like a miracle. We moved to a new city and began a new life together. After one and half years, I took in again and gave birth to our second child. We were lucky in our case. God used our first child to put us right and teach us a vital lesson. In our child, we saw a reason to fight for our marriage and childhood love that brought us together many years ago.”



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