ton’s Week of Giving

Dear TONers, as 2021 is gradually coming to an end, our community, in collaboration with our community leader and friends, will host the annual TON Community end of the year Outreach on Thursday, 16th December 2021.

This year, we shall distribute more food items to more families in more physical communities. When we started our community outreach in Lagos in 2019, the goal has always been to reach members of our society who may not be able to share their real-life experiences with us on our platform or gain the emotional intelligence training many of us gain from this community.

It has been a resounding success, and this is why we have sustained this community tradition as we advance.

This year, the community outreach will reach out to the needy families and elderly in our society. As always, we shall publish a report on this year’s outreach as we plan for 2022 filled with community activities.

Our community is currently participating in the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator Program and Facebook did an exclusive spotlight video on our community. You can watch it here:

Thank you so much for being a TONer!


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