strength of a woman

“I married my first husband at a very young age but I was unable to conceive. When the family situation became really tensed because I couldn’t bear a child, I left the marriage and returned to my father’s house. Then I married my second husband and still the same thing. I tried all I could to get pregnant to no avail. When he started treating me badly, I left that marriage too. At this point, many people started talking and saying I was the cause of my barrenness. But I priced my happiness over anything. I was beautiful, hardworking and young. I had the world at my feet so I married my 3rd husband. With this one, I finally gave birth to 5 children and silenced every single person who insulted or talked evil about me. By giving birth to 5 children, it was clear to me that I was not the problem all along. I was able to leave those earlier marriages because my family supported me and didn’t see marriage as a do or die affair. I am 75 years old today. I am grateful for my life and family. And if I am to go back in time again, I won’t change anything.”

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