pouring it all in

“It all came to me. I just poured out my anger and life into this sculpture. In my SS1, I was withdrawn from a private school to a public school, because family fortunes turned bad. In one night, 5 shops belonging to our family got burnt at Mandilas and we lost everything. I had to struggle to fit into my new school and believed things will get better. When it was time for university, my father’s diabetes got worse and we had to channel the family’s lean resources to treating him. I had to settle for a technical institution and pursue my love for sculptures. For many months, I slept in the classroom and washed up around the compound till I found a place. Sometimes I want to cry and ask why me? Why will it be whenever I am ready to take a leap in life, something bad will happen? But I have learned to take the good with the bad. This is why I expressed my anger in this sculpture. The tiger head represents the deep anger burning in my heart. When I’m done with this sculpture, I’ll express my pains more by adding other materials to it. I will be graduating from school soon and I don’t know what the future holds for me. I am grateful for my family and the strength to hold on thus far. Many people whose shops got burnt back then ran mad and some died from shock. Since I can’t shout at everything, let me do so with my creativity and heart.”

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