love in a strange place

“My first time of setting my eyes on her was at my sister’s burial service in church. She was one of the choristers who sang at the burial service. After the service, I walked up to her and told her my mind. She smiled. ‘But you are burying a loved one. You should be grieving not falling in love…your sister was such a wonderful woman to many people.’ I told her I lost a loved one, but I was about to gain a new one if she agrees to be my wife. She felt I just needed a distraction so I won’t feel hurt during the burial process, but I kept following her up even after I returned to my city. We fell in love and when I met her parents, her mother really didn’t like me initially. But her father was a pragmatic man. He said if his daughter wants me, then he will support her. If she says no, then I’ll be dismissed in peace. It ended in praise. Today, that choir member is my supportive wife and the mother of my 4 kids – 3 boys and 1 girl. Where I lost a loved one, I gained another.”

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