leading and caring

“I closed late from work that day and I rushed home to cook dinner for my family. I knew I was forgetting something but I couldn’t remember at that time what it was. It was when I was preparing dinner that I remembered I forgot to buy extra fish for food. But it was late. So the one remaining in the food, I had to serve it for my husband. When we started eating, he noticed our children had no fish or meat in their own food plate. He asked me what happened and I told him. He removed the fish from our soup and gave it to them. I smiled. He told me our kids need it more than we do. It warmed my heart. I know my business needs a part of me but my family needs all of me. Having a partner who understands these things is just too underrated. We need to talk about the good side of family too and not always the negative side. These little signs of love and care matters a lot.”

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