Lagos Hosts South-West DEI Summit

The Developing Emotional Intelligence Summit series being organised by Tales of Nigerians in partnership with the Meta Community Accelerator touched base in Lagos state on March 5th 2022, for the South-West edition of the ongoing summit series. The event was held at The Cedar Centre in Jibowu, and it was a memorable event.

The summit was an opportunity for community members to learn new tools that will help them to manage better their mental health, finance, social circle and emotional intelligence. In addition, many community members had the opportunity to meet fellow members for the first time in person. This helped them put a face to the online connections that have been happening in the community for a very long time.

Home to over 97,000 community members, Tales of Nigerians continue to empower and train young professionals across Nigeria with the relevant mental health, finance and emotional intelligence skills they need to survive in a rapidly evolving world.

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