I Thought She Was The One For Me

“I was living in Abuja when we met. She stays in Taraba so it was a long distance relationship kinda thing. She was older than me but that didn’t count as much because I loved her and wanted our relationship to lead us to marriage. I tried my best to visit her every weekend. We would spend time together, visit some recreational parks and have a good time. It was expensive but I believed no amount was too much to invest in love or someone you are planning to spend the rest of your life with. Everything was going on well and despite some of my friends warning me that the relationship would end in tears because it was long distance stuff, I never agreed. But then I suddenly noticed her attitude began to change. She stopped doing most of the things that spiced up our relationship and one day, without giving her prior notice, I landed at her house. She was sipping juice and resting her head on the laps of a man. I just greeted them and walked away. I recognized the guy as her ex she once told me about and swore she was done with him. Turns out she never really was. I was broken and messed up for two years. It took me time to recover and my friends played the ‘we told you so’ card. I really miss her and all the amazing memories that we created together. But well above that, I value my peace of mind and sanity all the more.”#TalesOfNigerians

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