End Of Year Outreach

Good Afternoon TONers,

Earlier today, I held my annual community outreach in partnership with our community, as we have always done since 2019. This year, we reached out to 40 families, increasing the numbers last year.

They received different food items and material support to make the end of year celebrations a happy one for them and their families. This year, we added 26 widows who carry the weight of their families and children.

I am grateful to the two community members who took it upon themselves to support my financial drive for us to do this massively. Suppose you didn’t see a post about it earlier; my sincere apologies. I have always done our end-of-year outreach as a close circle commitment, but I will see ways to expand that going forward.

Thank you for being a member of our community and sharing your real-life personal experiences.

Keep Lighting Up!

Signed, Martin Beck Nworah

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