Cruise And Mental Health Therapy Concert 2021

On Sunday 5th September 2021, we brought our 3rd anniversary celebrations to an end with our Cruise and Mental Health therapy concert.

We wish to thank all TONers who came out to celebrate with us. Some came from different states outside Anambra to celebrate with us. Thank you for lighting up with us.nWe streamed the event Live for about 2 hours so you can binge watch it whenever you’re free in our community at Tales of Nigerians (TON).

To Gerald Eze and his Ichoku Ensemble, thank you for providing beautiful and soul soothing music that complemented the mental health lessons we received. We are working on the video trailer and when it’s ready, we will publish it later in the week.We have lots of pictures and the full album will be uploaded on our website at www.talesofnigerians.comDear TONer, thank you for lighting up with us. 💡

#WeLightUp #TalesOfNigerians

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