a helping hand

“Last Saturday, I went to charge my phone at a bakery near my house because we’ve not had light for about 2 days. While observing my phone as it charged, an elderly woman who sells …

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giving up?

“I worked as a cleaner in a cheese balls factory. My son graduated from school this year and instead of staying at home, he deciding to join me at work. He was amazed at how …

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little wins

“I have worked in a pure water factory for 3 years now. I started out as a machine operator but I was recently promoted to a supplier. I was so happy. I tried getting into …

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The hard way

“My son had one wife and life was going well for him. He had properties in Abuja and Lagos, so because of his prosperity, he wanted to take a second wife. Our religion approves of …

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skin deep

“I went for an interview at Lekki. While we were all waiting for the interview to start, the security man told me to hand over my CV and leave the premises. I was shocked and …

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