Bonded By Looks And More

“I know what you must be thinking now, twins yea? Far from it. We are not twins or even related by blood or from the same state. I’m the one in red. I am from Oyo and my friend is from Osun. We met about ten years ago in secondary school and we bonded instantly. She is a very reserved person while I’m the outspoken one. Many people have mistaken our identities in the past, believing we are twins. At first it was stressing and annoying but then we got along really well and got used to it. I can’t forget a funny scenario where a friend of mine would’ve been mobbed because he mistook our identity. That day, she was coming back from work in the night and decided to check up on me at my house. It was dark and there was no light. A friend of mine thinking it was me, dragged her handbag and started running to the direction of my house in a playful way. She was shocked and started shouting ‘Barawo, Barawo’ meaning thief in Hausa language. People were already gathering when he heard the shout and stopped to look back. He walked back to my friend, looked really hard at her face and apologized, ‘I thought it was precious’. Even in school, at a time she needed to complete her registration and the lecturer teaching was very strict with attendance. I had to go to her department and stayed in for her while she went to complete her registration and nobody noticed. One lecturer later saw us together and asked if we are twins, we told him we are not even related. It’s amazing seeing the shock on people’s face whenever they realize the truth.”

Another picture of them at an event.
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