A Son Remembers

“I look at my son and I see a young man who carries the family name with pride. In my family, hardly did any of us go to school. Once you come of age, you pick a skill and train yourself in it. I learnt carpentry and I’ve been a carpenter for 35 years. My son said he wanted to be educated. I supported him. He finished from University of Ibadan. He came home and said he wanted to do his Master’s. Hmm…it was a tough decision, but I decided to support him still. He got a job as a lecturer there during his Master’s degree without knowing anyone. He was good upstairs. I think he has my own brain…hahaha. Sometimes he calls me and says he needs money for something. I will laugh because some minutes after that call, he would send me money for my upkeep. I keep praying for him everyday to never stumble in life. He is doing our family and community proud. This is the dream of every parent, to see their child excel in life.”


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