a mother’s heart

“I lost my husband in May 2018 and my daughter fell seriously in June of same 2018. She couldn’t walk and it was around the time she was preparing to write JAMB. We had to suspend the plans for her education to take care of her health first. She started getting better this year but wasn’t strong enough to go about on her own, so people suggested we forgot about her university education this year. But my daughter was determined to write JAMB and I believed she could do it. On the day of the examination, I carried my 18 years old daughter on my back and we claimed the stairs to her hall. When we came home, people were saying all sorts of things about us. Many even said I won’t see the money to train my daughter since my husband is dead and I am hellbent on sending my daughter to the university. When the admission list came out this year, she gained admission and will be resuming school soon. I am so happy all our efforts was not in vain. I only wish her father was here to celebrate with us.”

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